Teeth Whitening

Nowadays everyone is looking for a quick fix to any problem that they come across. The same goes for those people looking for a way to whiten their teeth at home. if you’ve ever browsed the local supermarket shelves or looking online or on the T.V. you’ve surely come across advertisements for at home whitening systems that promise you a whiter smile in just a few weeks.

Even though these systems will in fact whiten your teeth, the fact remains that the results only come after weeks of continuous use. This requires you to be diligent and on top of using the system each day. The problem with at-home-whitening products is that the results are not always stellar and for some users they can cause discomfort and bad side-effects. Those who use these products without knowing they have teeth sensitivity or gum recession will often experience discomfort.

This is why the American Dental Society agrees that it is wisest to consult a dentist before using any of these products. For some people hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, the commonly used active ingredients in these at-home systems can cause discomfort and an overall unpleasant experience.

At Aqua DentalΒ  in Randolph we use both BriteSmile and Zoom Whitening to give you the brightest and whitest smile you’ve ever seen. With these in-office methods you won’t need to worry about any sort of complications or negative side effects. Instead you can relax and in no time you’ll be able to leave our office with the smile of your dreams. Don’t let your smile ruin your self-confidence. With our teeth whitening methods you’ll never be ashamed to show your smile again! We ensure you that in one session you will be pleased and happily surprised with your new smile. Be sure to call us to set up an appointment time with one of our dentists.