Diabetics May Find Gum Treatment Helpful

A recent breakthrough in the medical research field has identified an association between gum disease and other ailments affecting the body. One case in point is the amplified probability of heart disease and stroke occurring in those who have periodontitis disease. Periodontitis is an infection and inflammation that infect the area of the mouth that holds the teeth. Addressing gum disease with a dentist is the first line of defense.
Another discovery by researchers has pointed out that lower insulin levels is the result of treatment for periodontal disease in diabetic patients. The researchers have confidence in their finding of bacterial infections in the mouth causing swelling which in turn provides chemical differences that lessen the quality of the insulin made in the body. Thus, controlling blood sugar is a more difficult task for diabetics with periodontitis disease.
A hazard to overall health and dental health is gum disease. The most effective way to stop the onset of gum disease is to prevent it from happening altogether. Good dental hygiene with daily brushing and flossing and seeing a dentist on a regular basis will be helpful in keeping gum disease at bay. At Aqua Dental, our periodontist is meticulous in assessing your teeth. If periodontal disease is discovered, a treatment plan of action will be delivered to ensure your mouth and teeth are immediately put on the road to recovery. Our office is located in Randolph, Massachusetts. We offer the latest technology, superior customer service and we provide a calm comfortable atmosphere.