Flossing your teeth

Watch this video for flossing pointers.

How to Floss your Teeth

(Flossing tips uploaded by Howcast).

These simple steps will help you prevent tooth decay and gum diusease.

  • You will need about a foot and a half of dental floss, a mirror, mouth wash or water.
  • Choose your floss – Waxed floss slides between teeth easier that regular floss.
    If you have wider gaps between your teeth, you can use tape floss which is thicker.
  • Break off about 18 inches of floss, and wrap most of it around your index fingers.
    Leave about 4 inches between your hands.
  • Looking in the mirror, carefully guide the floss between two teeth.
    Curve the floss around a tooth and carefully clean the crevice between tooth and gum.

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