Customer Testimonials

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Fayerman for years ad we could not be any happier having him as our dentist. The new office in Randolph is just beautiful and his staff is exceptionally pleasant and caring. Recently, my wife and I have both had mini implants added into our denture work and we can’t believe the difference. Our dentures are so stable and very reliable. Thank you so much Dr. Fayerman for helping us to keep the quality of our lives high, at our age it’s so important

– Mark & Margarita Prudkov

“Thanks to Dr. Fayerman and his expertise in implant dentistry, changing from a partial denture to a full lower denture supported by mini-implants was so much better than i had ever expected! The procedure was basically painless and the healing time was so quick. I’m enjoying all my favorite foods and my friends and family say that they have never seen me smile so much. I’m very happy with all of your hard work and so thankful to have found such a great dentist!”

-Liza Lerman

“Dr. Fayerman has done something no other dentist could do; he gave me my smile back! Thank you Dr. Fayerman!”

-Denise W.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Fayerman for 10 or more years. During this time, I have had many extensive dental procedures. I am ever so grateful to him for my healthy teeth and beautiful smile! Dr. Fayerman is a very professional and skilled dentist. His staff is always friendly and professional as well. His facility and dental equipment are state of the art. Thank you for being such a great dentist Dr. Fayerman. I continue to be highly satisfied with the professional services and quality of care that Dr. Fayerman and his staff provide to me.”

-Beth Sergeff

“Going to the dentist was not one of my favorite things to do, until i found Dr. Fayerman. After many long visits, the end results were well work it! It’s been almost 10 years and I’m still getting compliments on my teeth!”


“Thank you very much for the opportunity to have the teeth-whitening procedure. It made a big difference, and my teeth look better than they have in years. It was very nice to meet all of you. Thank you for being so gracious.”

-Natalie Esta Shore

“I just want to say that my visit yesterday was the best dental experience I have ever had. I think I met the entire staff!!!! Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, I will not hesitate to refer you to any and everyone I know. Looks like I have finally found my dentist for life! Thanks again.”


“My new smile is great! I feel very confident about my new smile and the confidence goes even deeper. I feel beautiful inside and out! Every time I walk past a mirror I smile ear to ear! The compliments I receive are too many to count. It makes you feel very good inside when an outsider recognized your teeth! The staff @ Dr. Fayerman’s office are fantastic! Dr. Fayerman is a perfectionist and that is what makes him so talented! He loves what he does and truly cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone.”


“I love having white teeth instead of yellow teeth! Thank you for giving me such kind care and for the opportunity to have beautiful teeth at my son’s wedding! You all are the best & take such good care of our family. With many thanks and much appreciation.”



Β Reviews from

“I’ve been going to Dr. Fayerman for about 4 years now. Their office is very easy to get to, right in Randolph off the highway, and there’s a big parking lot. The offices are extremely clean, which is huge. The hygienists are amazing. Very friendly, do their job extremely well, and always make you feel comfortable. They will answer all of your questions and explain all of your options if you need more elaborate dental work. I’ve spent more time interacting with them than Dr. Fayerman and I’ve had great experiences every time. The reception staff is great too – very professional, helpful, and easy to talk to. Dr. Fayerman is really nice, professional, and knowledgeable. He will pop his head in if you get a cleaning to check out anything you need further work on. He does all of the more intense dental work (fillings, root canals, etc). For some reason he always has funky lunch breath. Which I find weird because he’s, um, a dentist. Anyways… I’ve had several procedures done at Aqua Dental (fillings, a root canal, cleanings, etc) and every time I’ve been fine. I get super anxious in the chair and drilling and they always ask if you’re ok, tell you what’s left in the procedure, and genuinely care about you. Thank god! They also have TVs and headphones at every chair so you can zone out while they work on you if you want. I did get my wisdom teeth out but not with Dr. Fayerman. I had to get all four out at the same time and they told me it would be cheaper to do it with them but if I wanted to be knocked out they would refer me to an oral surgeon. I took them up on that! They offer CareCredit payment plans when you go over your insurance coverage amount. They have a financial assistant to help you understand payments and negotiate payment plans if you need to.”

– Kim K. from Aqua Dental Yelp Reviews

“Most thorough cleanings, friendly informed staff, and when I went to another dentist with my kids, he asked ME where my High Quality dental work was done!! I’ve had very pain-free procedures, would go back again and again. I’d recommend to anyone.”

– Maria S. from Aqua Dental Yelp Reviews

“My entire family are patients at Aqua Dental and we all see Dr.Fayerman including my 3 year old son. The office is so beautiful and feels so comfortable almost like a spa. Dr. Fayerman is so understanding and always takes his time with each one of us. I have referred so many of my friends and family members to this office. I suggest if you are looking for a new Dentist you look into this office, the entire staff is great and they always take time with each patient.”

– Tara A. from Aqua Dental Yelp Reviews

WAW! It was really WAW experience in Aqua Dental! I recently fractured one of my front teeth-call this office,got appointment same day. Dr.Fayerman – very professional way explained me all options I had,made quick fix,then in few days removed the tooth and placed implant with temporary crown on it. In a few weeks I end up with nicely matched crown. From the very beginning Melinda( office manager) helped me to understand insurance pay and arranged all my payments. Everyone in this beautiful office (you have to see it to believe me) was extremely nice. Great place- I highly recommend it!

– David W. from Aqua Dental Yelp Reviews


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